Recent Tampa Fishing Charters report:

The Cobia ( Rachycenton Canadum ) other common names include black kingfish, crab-eater, prodigal son, black bonito, ling, and lemon-fish. Cobia are on the move for the next couple of months. They can be found around buoys, pilings, wrecks, and inshore this time of the year. Live bait like crabs and large pinfish are top bait choices, for artificials its hard to go wrong with an eel imitation or a buck-tail jig, these fish are rapid growing so even the large fish are very inexperienced and easy to fool. When targeting cobia start at a local boat ramp and work your way marker to marker buoy to buoy. When arriving to a marker or buoy I will general turn off the motor about 25 yards out so I can get my tackle and bait prepared. Have a bucket of saltwater up front so when trolling up to the location your bait will be fresh and ready to go. And by trolling up to the location you won’t spook them. If you do back off a few yards more than likely they will return. I use medium to heavy spinning gear, 40lb braid, 40lb leader, and a 3/0 hook. Immediately try to turn their heads to open water. Cobia will use the structure to break you off. Once in the open water the battle will begin with ( Rachycenton Canadum ) Cobia.
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